Cupcakes Galore

A new epidemic seems to be sweeping through the country.  It’s popping up everywhere, causing excitement, long lines, and–dare I say it–high caloric intake.  That’s right folks, it’s…cupcakes!

I am a sucker for cupcakes.  I love to make and decorate cupcakes, and I never miss an episode of DC Cupcakes on TLC.  So, when we happened to be passing through the area recently, I know we needed to stop at Georgetown Cupcake for a couple scrumptious cupcakes.  Which of course turned into a dozen….

We arrived at the store in mid evening, around 8pm.

It’s a very cute building, on a busy corner in Georgetown, Virginia.

Until, of course, you look down the street and notice the line just to get in.  You immediately wonder how badly you need these cupcakes.  And then you mentally answer.  Yes, I really need a Georgetown cupcake.

The line ended up not being too bad, only about 15 minutes.  And it was completely worth it once we stepped inside.

It was cupcake heaven.  We pretty much ordered one of everything.  It was the safest thing to do : )

My favorite cupcake was Chocolate³.  A delicious chocolate cupcake with rich chocolate frosting and yes, chocolate sprinkles.

I was sufficiently satisfied with our 12 Georgetown Cupcakes, but apparently it just quite wasn’t enough.

So, we headed over to Sprinkles, another cupcake shop, literally a block away from Georgetown Cupcake.  We decided to make it a little competition.

Which of course turned into another dozen cupcakes purchased.

And we again needed to buy one of each flavor!

My favorite from this batch was the Mocha cupcake.  It was super moist and dense, with just the right amount of mocha flavor and crunch of the sprinkles on top.

After returning home with our loot, we held a red velvet cupcake-off, to determine which bakery made a better version.  The verdict:  both were delicious, and it ended up being a personal preference.  I preferred the Sprinkles version, as it had more chocolate flavor and was very moist.  But, our other tasters enjoyed the Georgetown version for it’s very dense cake and less frosting.  Over all, I thoroughly enjoyed both of them. : )

If you find yourself in the DC area, here is my recommendation:  wait in line at Georgetown Cupcake–no matter how long it may be–and try a few different kinds.  Then, walk on down to Sprinkles Cupcakes and buy a few more.  Finally, sit back, relax, and enjoy your cupcakes!

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