Cream Puffs

Summer break:  three months out of the year with blazing temperatures and humidity.  Or, three months to relax and restore, a hibernation of sorts.  To me, summer break is just that, a break.  Take some time from the hustle and bustle that fills the other nine months of the year.  Go see places that you dreamed of, surround yourself with people that make you happy, and do things that you enjoy.

Summer is my time to experiment in the kitchen.  I can pull out those crazy recipes that, other times, you wouldn’t consider.  Not to mention the freshest and most delicious ingredients are in abundance, waiting to be baked into pie, or mixed into ice cream.

I know I will surely miss those long summer days.  Waking up when you please, with no regard to an alarm clock.  Reading at least three cook books before deciding what today’s adventure will be.  And digging into the kitchen, whisk in hand, ready to tackle another masterpiece.

Cream Puffs have always been one of those recipes I wanted to try, but never got around to.  And yet, I am so glad I decided to make them yesterday.  When they are completely done, they are simple, but with a flair of sophistication making them the perfect dessert.  And, I was surprised at how easy they were to make.

Cream puffs are one of those things that are just plain fun to eat.  One bite, and sweet creamy filling erupts into your mouth, complimented by the ideal puff with just enough crispiness.

Cream puffs seem like an impeccable summer dessert.  The puffs are dainty and light, and stuffed with feathery whipped cream.  After trying one, you just might eat the rest.

Here is the delectable printable recipe.


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