Spiral Sugar Cookies

As a high school student, I know that teenagers get their moment in the spotlight in various ways.  Some are perfectly comfortable singing onstage with an auditorium full of people.  Others bask in the glory of a cheering crowd as they score their sixth goal in a single game.

I also know exactly how much teenagers eat food.  All the time.  Plus more.  They really like food, believe me.

Which is why I would rather forgo any performance or game and instead bring cookies to a hungry bunch of teenagers.  There is nothing better than opening a container of homemade treats and being temporarily mobbed.  Even the simplest of recipes will be met with rave reactions and you will most likely be thanked by everyone for as long as you live.

Most kids will be incredibly impressed by anything homemade.  But, I like to step it up sometimes to really knock their socks off.  The cake-doesn’t-always-come-from-a-box? teenagers will be completely blown away.  I am anxious to try this recipe and see how many people think they’re from a roll of pre-made dough.  Of course, I would never do that.  They should know better!

Another great thing about these cookies is that they provide so many options.  I got the recipe from a great cooking website, www.pipandebby.com, who made green spirals and rolled the dough in multi-colored sprinkles.  I decided not to use sprinkles, but I did flavor the pink swirl with a little lemon extract for a bright summer flavor.

These cookies are also very tasty.  I was worried they would be hard and crunchy, but they actually have a nice texture.  Thanks to the immense amount of butter, the cookies are dense and crumbly, similar to a shortbread.

You could do so many things with this recipe.  I can’t wait to make them again with different flavors.  Maybe a chocolate layer, or something fruity like raspberry or orange.  Experiment!  It’s the best thing about baking.

Find the printable recipe here.

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